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The funny thing about working in IT is everyone has a computer that needs fixing or a website that they want built. My tertiary and initial industry experience had nothing to do with anything web related. It was quite the opposite actual. It was purely desktop application focused. But I was intrigued with what developers were doing on the Internet and I wanted to play in the same sandbox. And so I did.

Coding is merely learning a syntax, applying sound principles and following certain standards. It doesn’t matter what the language is. The outcome is the same – the technologies is just different.

During the past 8 years I have designed and developed a number of websites using a range of technologies and frameworks – WordPress, Joomla, Zend, Yii, raw PHP – for a variety of templated and custom built sites.

Every need is different. Every technology provides differing benefits. It’s simply a matter of finding the right tool for the right job.