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Many many years ago my wife, Trudy, found her way into the wedding photography business. What started as an interest in photography, soon became a hobby and then a profession. I worked in the corporate world – Monday to Friday, nine to five – while Trudy found herself working mostly after hours meeting with clients and then weekends photographing weddings. This meant we had Sunday together.

It wasn’t enough!

I wanted to spend more time with my wife, and so I starter “tagging along” to weddings with her – it was the only option as she couldn’t follow me to work and sit in an office. After a few weddings, I decided to be a little more productive and took the backup camera out to take some photos. It helped to pass the time while Trudy was away with the bridal party taking photos. Apparently the photos weren’t too bad, so Trudy informed me the next week after she had downloaded and processed the many photos taken on the day. My little “fling” with the camera soon become more regular and with Trudy’s feedback and guidance my photos become more creative and subsequently more frequent throughout the client’s album. Fast forward a few years and we were both working full-time in the wedding photography industry photographing every wedding together and sharing the “first shooter” role.

I was now a permanent fixture in the business spending adequate time with my wife. WIN!

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