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This has been sometime in the making. You know what it’s like. You have every good intention of doing something, but life gets in the way. The list of “things to do” is continually growing and your “spare time” seems to always find menial things to occupy itself with. It comes down to priorities and a balance between work and play. Well, at least for me it does. [end woeful excuses]

This site/blog/journal/diary (whatever form it takes) is simply a way of sharing the things that pop into my head and the experiences that I find myself in. Sure, you could simply jump onto my Facebook page and stay in touch that way, but I tend to get lost in all the random things that pop up in the newsfeed and the numerous tags that get added to my friends’ timelines. This way, it just about me – well, kind of. It’s more about the things that I want to share.