Cape Schanck Lighthouse

For more than 14 years I worked in the IT industry as an Application Programmer of some sort – from terminal/server to desktop/web. As a programmer, it is my job to develop/write systems to help people in business do their jobs better – generally by automating tasks or improving processes by giving people access to the information they needed when they needed it. It is great. I love it and still do. Along the way I met an incredibly talented and beautiful woman, who I now have the privilege of calling my wife. Her passions were somewhat foreign to me – she was a creative. Our thought processes and ways of doing things were worlds aparts, which is probably why we work so well together. As a programmer, I was trained to think analytically, logically and as a problem solver. As a creative, my wife was free to think outside the logically realms and invent beautiful things along the way. With this approach, I was intrigued.

Some years later, Trudy was working full-time as a photographer – photographing a range of work from weddings to commercial and fashion to portraiture. My interest in the creative field grew and before I knew it I had become Trudy’s apprentice and started learning the ways of photography. Fast forward a few more years and we are now both working in our own photography business in Brisbane. I still have a passion for technical things, so still contract here and there for chosen IT projects to keep my “fingers on the pulse”. IT is one of those industries that will quickly leave you behind if you don’t stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, methods, fads, crazes and whatever else trends at the time. Plus, there is always something that someone somewhere wants developed so there is plenty of work to keep me busy.

So there you have it. I’m a dedicated IT guy, passionate photographer, exceptionally lucky husband, proud Dad and lover of life!